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Submission Guidelines

Submission for our upcoming print anthology

"Moon Water" is now closed.

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Our connection with the moon is undeniable. Our focus, our compass, our tides, and our guide – the moon is the light in the dark, a beacon of silent truth.

When we try to create meaning in this existence, the moon is often our source of inspiration and divinity.  She encompasses the Divine Feminine through the personage of Lilith. Her phases influence us and the tides: our life cycles, and our planet as a whole.

In Astrology, the moon represents the mother, and also our inner self: our emotions, our desires, our unconscious, and even our reactions while facing what this world has to teach us. It gives us a meaningful understanding of ourselves, revealing the parts of us we must embrace to be whole. While we embark on the journey to become our higher self, our shadows also must be explored and healed.

We want Moon Water to be an anthology that will unveil our relationship with the moon. We want to explore the ways we can use the energy of the moon to reflect, to manifest, to heal, and to enhance our ability to relate to others. We want moon ceremonies, spells, and recipes for moon water! We want closeness, compassion, intimate confessions… We want the dark night of the soul, and the transition to love and light. We want to feel and see into the depths of things. We want to celebrate and move with the tides.


In our community, we always strive to stand by one another, and we hope this anthology will bring us closer together. We plan to publish this during a moon cycle, as we did our last collection, in the Spring. 


We are seeking your most loved and unpublished work for this anthology and look forward to reading it! We are accepting: poetry, flash fiction, flash non-fiction, spells, photos, and print art.

You can submit to more than one genre, up to 5 pieces for each. A piece of prose can be up to 5 pages, and a poem no longer than 3 pages. 

Please make sure to attach a short bio in the third person and a black-and-white photograph.

The reading fee is  $3.00 per submission, paid via: 

Please feel free to write to us if you do not have the means to pay.

Paypal will allow you to send the payment together with a message; please write your name, so we can connect between your submission and the payment.

Please submit your written entries in a Word file & and photos and art in jpeg/gif format) to: The subject line should say: “Your Name – Moon Water – Genre.”

Our response time is between 2-6 weeks. 

We accept simultaneous submissions but ask that you let us know as soon as possible if your piece is no longer available. 

If you get published with us - All rights revert back to you upon publication. If you publish the piece elsewhere in the future, we only ask that you credit us as the original publisher. 

As we get closer to the publication date, we will want to look at submitted artwork for use on the cover.  The chosen artist will be compensated with a copy of the anthology.

We are excited about this original offering and hope that with a little love and attention from us all, it will be successful enough to allow us to cover our costs and pay contributors in the future. At the moment, we offer each contributor one copy of the anthology at print cost + shipping. 

We hope that we can all create something beautiful together; a home for magickal works, a community that is open and accepting.

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