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Moon Water Anthology 

Open submissions until December 15, 2023. 


We want Moon Water to be an anthology that will unveil our relationship with the moon. We want to explore the ways we can use the energy of the moon to reflect, to manifest, to heal, and to enhance our ability to relate to others. We want moon ceremonies, spells, and recipes for moon water! We want closeness, compassion, intimate confessions… We want the dark night of the soul, and the transition to love and light. We want to feel and see into the depths of things. We want to celebrate and move with the tides.


Photo by Tank_IMagery

Our Debut Anthology
 Now Available!

An anthology of poetry, short prose, and print art created by and for the Awakened Soul. Reviewers have called it a "brew of magical healing stones," a work that contains the sparks of magic and power, and a collection that "weave(s) a soulful conglomerate of oneness with the universe." Open these pages and lose yourself in the wonder therein...

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